Difference Between Septic Pumping and Septic Cleaning

We often interchange septic tank cleaning and septic tank pumping however these two vary in some ways.

Pumping generally means the removal of any liquid and some solid, on the other hand, cleaning means getting all of the liquid and solid in your septic tank, down to the bottom of it.

After reading the slight variation between the two, you might be disappointed at how little the variation is, however this slight variation actually impacts the performance of the septic system in your home.

Professionals that handle septic tanks are responsible for removing the contents of your septic tank through the use or help of a truck that has vacuum functionalities however the performance they do depends on whether you want a clean-up of just a pump. Some professionals use a vacuum hose to ensure that the liquids get sucked in which is a pumping process however if you are looking for a thorough clean up, you will need to get rid of more than just the liquid in your septic tank.

Here are some factors that can affect the cleaning of the septic tank in your property

1. Infrequent pumping or cleaning

The schedule or regularity that your septic tank gets cleaned can be a factor. If you have a regular schedule that varies from 3 to 5 years, then the solids found in your septic tank will be much easier to handle or removed however if you have not set a regular schedule of clean up, you need to expect that there are solid parts in your septic tank that are hard to remove by using a vacuum hose alone. When the solids are too attached to the surface of your septic tank, more water is added to help in breaking down the solids and often involves a pressurized source to make sure the solids are removed properly. If ever this does not do the trick, re-pumping is advised to be done every 6 months or every year.

2. Invading roots

Sometimes roots can get tangled up with the solids in your septic tank. Removing the roots is vital to make sure there is no entanglement that happens that may cause a difficulty in cleaning your septic tank in the future.

3. Access or Opening

The lid of your septic tank is important as well as it is the entryway for the vacuum hose used for cleaning or pumping your septic tank.

4. Compartment

Septic tanks that are older have a division or a wall in between that makes it has 2 compartments. Some of the septic tanks that have 2 compartments are not really airtight that’s why both compartments share the liquids however the solid may not be cleaned out if the vacuum hose is only focused on cleaning one compartment. Since there are two compartments, always make sure to have both of it pumped or cleaned.

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