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"I just wanted to tell you how heartwarming, wonderful, and doggie-fix-giving your Augie Diaries website is!!! I want a dog SO BADLY, but right now we live on the 4th floor of a condo building where you can only have a dog on the 1st floor. :-( "
- Sarah, Minneapolis

"I adore your "Augie diary" - what an incredibly beautiful dog. I love his brown eyebrows! Thanks again." -Katy, NY

August 29th, 2005

Augie was so happy the last time we went camping, he didn't want to leave. Just look how happy he is in this picture!

August 22nd, 2005

Augie was feeling really tired one day and just couldn't stop yawning. I finally told him we better go to bed and I swear he smiled a little. He really loves sleeping!

August 15th, 2005

After a long hike, we all stopped for water, including Augie. Augie is trully a little water hog, he just cannot get enough during the summer!

August 8th, 2005

Augie's courage to get into river water gets better every year. He just gets really nervous if it's fast-running water. You can tell he's scared cause his curly tail is down!

August 1st, 2005

Augie had more adventures going camping this weekend. He was even brave enough to hop on the rocks in the deep end of the river, but got a little scared when he realized he'd have to hop back.

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