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"I just wanted to tell you how heartwarming, wonderful, and doggie-fix-giving your Augie Diaries website is!!! I want a dog SO BADLY, but right now we live on the 4th floor of a condo building where you can only have a dog on the 1st floor. :-( "
- Sarah, Minneapolis

"I adore your "Augie diary" - what an incredibly beautiful dog. I love his brown eyebrows! Thanks again." -Katy, NY

July 25th, 2005

Augie and his friend Boone were hanging out the other night in our backyard. They stopped playing just long enough for us to take their photo. What a happy pair!

July 18th, 2005

This is pretty much how Augie hangs out during the heat. He will just lay on his side and pant and pant till he falls asleep. It's really sweet when he lays on your foot like this and starts snoring!

July 11th, 2005

It's really wierd how dogs eyes glow in the right light. Augie's seem to have a bluish hue and it just seems to make him cuter when he poses for a picture.

July 4th, 2005

Augie always runs to his Augie bag when he's ready to go for a walk or just go the park. He also does this little hopping action that is funny, especially since he's so stout, he can't jump very high.

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