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October 27th, 2003

Augie is a grazer. Almost everytime I feed him, he'll eat a little and go lay down. If I'm in the kitchen, he'll run in and start eating, almost like saying "Hey, check me out, I'm eating!" As you can see, he definitely pushes his food around so that there is just a small pile.

October 20th, 2003

Augie has amazing ears. They flop around on their own. Remember that movie "Gremlins"? His ears remind me of Gizmos, they stick straight up if he's sleeping or playing. They perk up a bit if I say "Park", "Walk", "Shower", and oh so many more.

October 13th, 2003

Here's a sneak preview of a new product. Augie's been testing out this bed for a few months. I'm really glad he gave me it's seal of approval. It really is his little haven. I've sat on it a few times to see what he would do and it definitely doesn't like it. It's HIS space!

October 6th, 2003

Sometime when Augie gets excited or cuddly, he yawns and squeaks at us. I notice at night the squeaks are soft and barely audible, but if he's waiting for me to grab his ball and leash, he squeaks REALLY LOUD. I read somewhere that it's the kind of communication a mother and her pups have with each other and that humans can replicate it by kissing the back of their hand. We've been trying that with Augie, but he just likes to lick us back instead.

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