Different Types of Scaffolding

Demolitions, home improvements, repairs, renovations, and building restoration sometimes require scaffolding. It isn’t just for safety reasons. You’re also required to follow the OSHA safety regulations. This means that if you don’t have scaffolding for your project, you are violating the OSHA safety regulations. You’ll be held liable if accidents happen.   

Construction companies utilize scaffolding to elevate their workers above ground level. The form of scaffolding they utilize depends on the project. If you’re planning to rent a Bedminster residential scaffolding, here are several types to consider: 

Modularized Scaffolding 

This is also known as systems scaffolding. It consists of pre-engineered vertical and horizontal parts that connect modularly. A lot of load capacities, sizes, and versions are available for a huge range of applications. 

Brace and frame scaffolding is a form of modularized scaffolding. Typically, it is used in both commercial and residential projects. It’s a lightweight scaffold. It consists of bases, planks, braces, and frames. Workers can quickly erect and disassemble it.  

Cantilever Scaffolding 

When building cantilever scaffolding, you can take a lot of care. The reason for this is that this type of scaffold is strutted to the wall instead of being constructed on the ground. Cantilever scaffolding can be used if the soil near the property cannot handle the weight of temporary platforms. You can also use it if the place needs to stay open for foot or vehicle traffic.  

Mast Climbing and Suspended Scaffolding 

It might be expensive to erect scaffolding from the ground up if you need window cleaning, painting, and repairs on the upper part of a building. On this occasion, a lot of professionals utilize mast climbing or suspended scaffolding.  

In this type of scaffolding, the working platform hangs from the roof through chains and wires. Then, workers can lower or raise the platform as required. On the other hand, mast climbing scaffolding can change heights along with the property. However, this type of scaffolding climbs up and down a mast structure on the ground rather than hanging from the roof.  

Mobile Scaffolding 

As its name implies, workers can move this scaffolding from one area to another. This is because this type of scaffolding consists of wheels and casters on the bottom. This type of scaffolding is most practical for minor projects inside a property that needs more stability. A mobile scaffold is an ideal choice if work is scattered across the project. It will help save a lot of time since workers will not have to erect and dismantle it every time they move from one area to another.  

Supported Scaffolding 

This type of scaffolding is the most common type. This is the one you will see on construction projects. This type of scaffolding is erected from the ground up next to the structure. Features and heights vary. However, the whole rig stands on the ground. Workers can remove or add levels as the building comes down during demolition or as it rises during construction. 

When it comes to renting scaffolding, make sure you look for the right company. They can recommend you the ideal type of scaffolding for your needs.