"Why I Love My Dog(s)" Contest

Happy Valentine's Day! Trish Huddleston is the winner of a red Augie bowl. Check out her entry and the many others we received. Thanks to all who entered and I hope you have a great Valentine's Day with your dog(s).


My dogs are both very sweet and they love their mommy (me)! Everytime I put my shoes or coat on they are at my feet jumping and wanting to go everywhere I go. They give me kisses all the time or whenever I ask, they are always there when I need them. They will play with me all day if I want or sleep with me all night if I want. Best of all, they don't ever talk back or let me down! I love my Ginger and Baby!!!


I love my dog, because he lounges on the couch waiting for me to return when I go. He kisses me when I do come home. He is crafty, and knows when I go, he's excited before I go anticipating a trip away from home. He knows enough not to cause problems when I'm away. He alerts me to visitors. And he keeps me warm at night, and provides me with great entertainment and exercise.

Oh how I love her, let me count the ways..... She licks my feet when they are cold, keeps the floor free of crumbs and food, never complains about sharing the bed, and best of all she never complains that I spend to much time and money on the "dogs"

Aramis has done everything ever asked of him in his own indomitable and sometimes abominable way. He never really enjoyed being hugged and cuddled until our beloved lab-mix passed away. It was then he saw the need to lend me his furry shoulder to cry on and saw me through my grief without regard for his own.

I love my dogs because they make me laugh. I love them because they always know the way that I feel and, whatever way that is, it's okay with them. I love them because they are honest and I can completely trust them. I love them because they love me.

I have 3 dogs and they are by my side every waking moment and actually every sleeping moment too{they sleep with me}. When every human is too busy for me or is not interest in what I have to say,my dogs always have time and my voice is music to their ears.I have no doubt they love me the best!!! HeHe!! When I come home they give me the warmest welcome, when everyone else says"What's for dinner?"They are truly my best friends!!!


My dog is better than my best friend. He's my savior. He is always waiting at the door for me to tell me how happy he is that I'm home with his wiggles and wagging tail. He was put on this Earth just to make people smile.

Very simple and to the point;

They love me back unconditionally, and give me back what I give them ten fold.

To quote;

"To err is human, to forgive canine"


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